Saturday, September 25, 2010


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I have this dream, before I enter the military, if only 13 of us would be able to perform together once…
This could have been perfect. The idealism. The dream. It’s the sweetest thing that I have ever heard Jungsoo say, so far. Thirteen before he goes to the army. And that’s more than saying ‘I want us to be back together again, all thirteen, next year.’
It’s how I have expected from a leader. Indeed, he knows what we have all wanted.
But what made me think otherwise is the translation. If this is accurate, then there’s a difference between the two sentences.
If you try to read it carefully, you’ll know that HAVE is different from HAD.
You know what, once again, we have the same thoughts. Should this be accurate, Jungsoo had spoken my mind. Before he enters the military, I want to see them again.
But I think it will just remain as a dream, which is supposed to be forgotten.
Or… am I just missing Geng a lot that my faith is starting to falter?

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