Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jungsoo, Let’s Just Let Things Be.

I know it’s hard
I know it’s tough
But you’re still holding on,
you’re not giving up

I know the pain
I have seen your tears
And I wish we’re enough
to erase all fears

You’ve been so strong
I’ve seen it all
But though you’re an angel
You, still, can fall

You’re vulnerable
That thing I do know
But I always believe
that all pain will go

In due time, my angel
things will be fine
then whole world will know
your dreams and mine

When that time comes,
you can really be happy
But at the moment,
let’s just let things be. :’(
Jungsoo. I wish we’re enough. I wish we’re enough to take away all pain you’re feeling. I wish we’re enough to convince you that we won’t get tired.
I wish we’re enough to make you believe you in yourself, again.

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