Thursday, August 5, 2010

It’s a Sold Out or NO SHOW.

In an interview, I believe that Ms. Happee mentioned that what SJ wants is that their concerts get sold out. Otherwise, there’ll be no show.
So I don’t know if this really comes from the boys or from the management. Nevertheless, it is possible. This is one rumor close to being realThat is why I, and all other fans, are exerting efforts to promote Super Show 3 too. We all want to see them back, we need them back. Right?
But then, the most dreaded rumor is spreading:


I can’t believe it either. Don’t ask me if it’s real. IT HASN’T BEEN CONFIRMED YET.
Depressed? Rattled? Frustrated? Angered? Pissed off?
I know how you feel, especially if you’re a student who has no means of income, except from a thing called ‘allowance‘. You see, I’m already working and earning money for myself but producing 10,000 grand is definitely not an easy task.
I am really asking myself if it is possible. But I really think it is. Do you guys remember when Vanness Wu and Ken Zhu had their concert in the Ultra? The VIP ticket then was worth more than 10K…
So again, can the 10K issue be possible? Ask me, and I’ll say yes.
Rumors say that SJ’s talent fee has increased. No contest on that. The boys deserve it. (AND I JUST FUCKING HOPE THAT THE BOYS WILL REALLY BE PAID FAIRLY.)
Then I did some freaking competitions. I asked some other fanbase-moderators about how much a ticket costs in the SS3 in Seoul. Okay, so we checked G-Market. It costs 77,000 won. That’s like less than 4000Php. But again, that’s G-Market, and the concert’s gonna be held in Seoul. Meaning, there’s no transportation fee, no international taxes, LESS EXPENSES.
Then I was told that the SVIP tickets in Seoul for the SS2 was worth $200USD. If you try to convert it, it’s P9,200. Considering that the talent fee increase issue is real, then yes, it is possible that the SVIP ticket can cost us 10,000Php.
Fans are so excited that it’s getting out of hand :)
The statement came from Apple Sy, Ms. Happee’s younger sister. This somehow gave me hope. Maybe things are really just getting out of hand. Maybe we’re freaking out on the wrong information. Maybe we’re just too overwhelmed of the possibilities.
Right now, all we can really do is to hope and pray that everything will go according to our interests. We just have to continue believing.
But then, if it is really confirmed that the ticket will cost that much, then we can’t do anything. But please, don’t give up easily. As said, it’s a sold out or no show. If you guys can’t buy the SVIP, then buy tickets for other seats. Just as long as you’re all there. Just as long as we’re all there.
Because you know what? There is a possibility that the next Super Show will happen after 8 years. Remember, the boys are going to the army. This is a special event. This is like a sending off. We have to be there.
So please… do not even think of doing an unintentional boycott.

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