Sunday, August 15, 2010



The party has started last night and though I couldn’t be there at the concert, I still feel like I’m there. The updates on Twitter and Tumblr were awesome. Thanks to those who were kind enough to do that. :)
Anyway, yeah, SUPER SHOW 3 is DAEBAK.
The boys were terribly awesome. The party was really full of unexpected things. OMG. Who would’ve thought that SS3 would be a Stripping Party? And who would’ve thought that pure awesomeness and pure sexiness will overflow?
I have never thought of any of those. Well, just a little stripping from EunSiHae and Jungsoo. But definitely not from Heechul and Sungmin.
Indeed, they are no longer boys. Everything is much different now. The feel is so manly.
But honestly, there are some things which remain the same.
Yes, they’re no longer boys. But it is awesome to realize that Super Show 3 reminded me a lot of the first concert. You know, harnesses….
and 13.
Yes. Kibum was said to be there. And all thirteen were shown on a VCR.
That’s very Super Show 1.
You know what I’m thinking last night? The boys might be old for those cute little things. It may seem awkward to others that they appear in vegetables and fruits costumes. But you know what?
They never fail.
They never fail to give the best of who they are, and what they can do – to give us joy and happiness. They never fail to give us themselves.
And honestly, I can never get enough of it. :)

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