Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Until the Next Two Years and Beyond…


I seriously thought that I have been getting along well with the fact that comeDecember 2011 or early 2012, you’ll be leaving Super Junior temporarily to fulfill the duties of a South Korean man. After all, you’re already 28 and it’s about time that you take the responsibility. I was even preparing myself financially, mentally and emotionally so that I could fly to South Korea on that time to send you off to the army.
But then, you have spoken your thoughts about it, and then I find myself lost again.
You said you’re afraid that when you come back from serving the country, you would no longer be popular, as you are now. You said that you’re worried that after long years of fulfilling your duties, you wouldn’t be able to do well in the programs like what happened to others.
But I say, you would still be how you are today.
Because after two years, when you come back, you will still be Park Jungsoo, the angel and the eternal leader of Super Junior.


I have never believed in the ability of a person as much as I believe in you. Like what I’ve said, this is your fate. This is your destiny. You practically own the stage. Because you have the driving force in you always. You never fail to do your best. You have been literally stressing yourself out to give the audience the best of you – even though it means that you have to sacrifice.
Jungsoo, two years is too short to forget something that we have all been used to. Two years is not long enough for the people to trash whatever you have established. Two years without you is not even sufficient to forget everything you did.
You have marked your name in the hearts of fans and non-fans alike. In one way or another, you have shared with everybody a part of yourself that will never be easy to let go of.
Jungsoo, the whole Sapphire Blue world will send you off when it’s time for you to enter the army. And trust that after two years, on the date that you’ll be discharged from service, the same people will stand at the gate, waving at you, cheering your name, crying; as we all welcome you back home.
And that is how we’ll do with the other members as well.
So Jungsoo, please don’t fear. Hold on to your faith. Everything will be okay. Everything will be fine.
And I promise, Jungsoo, that until the next two years and beyond, you’ll have me…

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