Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ranting Becomes Acceptable if Rest is the Excuse

Sometimes, I just want to sleep soundly without being awaken by senseless noise, immeasurable pressure, unstoppable stress. Sometimes, I just want to lay in my bed, stare at the ceiling, breathe deeply and pass time in such state without thinking of what I have to do for the rest of the day.
Sometimes, I just want to stay in one place – somewhere close to nature and far from people. Sometimes, I just want to lie down in the comfortable field of grass in a park where nobody knows me. Sometimes, I even just want to go back at the CCP in Manila, sit in front of the fountain and count how many white vehicles will pass by the boulevard.
Sometimes, I just want to be with people I never need to be someone else for. Sometimes, I just want to enjoy their company in the Student Council Office, in the school field, in a bar or at our house for every night. Sometimes, I just want to tell them how much I’ve missed them.
Sometimes, I just want to be the person I used to be before I crossed paths with ‘employment’. Sometimes, i just want to rest.
Then I remembered Jungsoo. I’m pretty sure that this is how he has been feeling now. The emo-Teuk has come back again but it gives me less worries, for I understand.
After all, ranting helps a lot. Letting people know how you feel could lessen the burden on you. No joke, it’s really good to share your thoughts, no matter how pathetic you think it is.
That’s what Jungsoo does, I guess; as that’s what I’m doing too. Because at the end of the day, we know that we still have responsibilities which we must really put our hearts on. Yet, with all these things…
Sometimes, we know we just have to rest.

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