Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Swear I’ll Be Seeing You Again…

SS3 has started… And I’m so freaking excited to see you once more.
Your beauty, your joy.. Everything about you, I’m looking forward to see on the next Super Shows. I want to witness the most perfect creation I have laid my eyes upon.
Geez. It just seems like yesterday when you were standing in front of me, waving with all excitement, looking at all directions simply because you’re amazed of what you’re seeing.
Jungsoo, I promise you’ll be seeing something a lot better this time. :)
I can’t really think straight right now. My mind’s too tired from all the stresses brought to me by my job. But I’m not complaining hard anymore. I know that there’s a fruit to every labor. And in my case, it’s gonna be you :)
This goes random again, as any post is.
Reservation of tickets for the concert has gone tough now. It’s really making me nervous. But I swear in the name of everything that’s good, that I’m gonna get through that hotline and reserve VVIP tickets for me and my friends. :)
I’m gonna see you Jungsoo... You and the angel that you are :)

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