Sunday, August 1, 2010

Because I Have Given Up on a Thing Called ‘Romance’

Many people are telling me: “If you want to move on from a painful encounter with love, go find someone else. After all, the only way to be okay again is to get a replacement of what you’ve lost.”
Hell yeah. I used to believe on that too.
But since a year ago, I have found a very effective and great way to get over the heartaches.


especially Park Jungsoo.
If you’re an ELF, you would say ‘YES’. If you’re not, I suggest that you read on to understand:
I have lost faith in romance. After all the heartaches I’ve been through, and after all the tears I’ve shed for all those men who played with my heart, I don’t believe in romance anymore. I have given it up for people it favors; and accepted the fact that there are MANY things that are not for me.
I have given up believing in the reality. Instead, I settled for my fantasy.
Jungsoo is a South Korean idol, the leader of the world-famous Super Junior, an artist who have millions of fans in the face of the globe. He is a star I can never reach. Heaven and hell, we are – as the good old saying goes.
And I love him.
Because he makes it easy for me to let go.
You see, he is just a fantasy. I am convinced that he really is just a dream. There is no way we can ever be together, and I am convinced with that. I know that no matter how many time I profess this love, he’s never gonna notice it. I know that the time will come that he’s gonna settle with someone he loves, someone who is far better and very much different from me.
Jungsoo gives me no false hopes. Unlike what others in reality would do.
He is my lifeline. And I’d rather that he owns me. In him, I wouldn’t have to think of the possibilities. Because I know it all already. In him, I wouldn’t have to beware of giving my everything. Because he already has it.
Jungsoo never breaks my heart. And that’s what matters the most.
To hell with replacements. Jungsoo is all I ever need.
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