Saturday, July 31, 2010

Redefining What A Leader is to Me

So everybody’s feasting over Hyukjae‘s rendition of Yesung’s It Has to Be You. I have to admit I’m one of them. Before I could even get over it, I had to play it over and over again. Hyukjae definitely has a very soothing voice. His singing has the ability to charm people, to calm all worries, to relieve all stress. I couldn’t say anything less.
But then as I was getting indulged on Hyukjae’s magic, Jungsoo sang his part. And I was reminded that it’s still the’s still the angel that owns me.
Exaggerated? Haha.
You should’ve gotten used to it by now, dear. :)
But then, more than the singing prowess of Jungsoo, I was just too happy to realize that each time I see Jungsoo, he never fails to give the word “Leader” a brand new definition.
I guess, being the leader of Super Junior is not just a coincidence for Jungsoo. It’s his fate. It’s God’s plan. It’s what his life is designed to be. He is predestined to be the ‘hyung’ of fourteen other members.
And it’s not an easy task.
Yet, I wonder how he manages to do it. You see, I have met and worked with so many leaders in my life. I have become a leader too. But I have never seen a leader so determined, so protective and so supportive of the people he leads, than Jungsoo. He has the ability to impose respect and authority on people without telling.
And again, it’s not an easy task.
Jungsoo got to redefine the term ‘leader’ once again. If he is your bias, you would understand how I feel. You would understand how proud he is of Hyukjae for being so good in singing. You would understand how much fulfilled he is seeing his dongsaeng improving. If he is your bias, you would understand that he has proven himself worthy of the position he has been holding in Super Junior.
And if he is your bias, you would be prouder. than ever.
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