Saturday, July 3, 2010

“No Other” is for US.

credits: hazhuna @ youtube
Honestly, No Other did not appeal to me that much when I first heard it. Maybe it was because I had this thing in my mind believing that this is no longer SJ’s style. I was too busy fussing over their sexy bodies, manly attitudes and seductive charisma.
I became worldly, and this is one thing most of us should admit. We started joking perv ideas over abs exposures, guns, sweat, stares and tongues.
So before I get so explicit here, let me get to the point.
Maybe the reason why my taste did not suit No Other at once is because I was too taken aback by the sudden change of the boys. I was not even prepared for it when Jungsoo started taking his clothes off on stage. Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoyed that kind of fan service, and I love seeing the others too.
But this performance and several tumblr reblogs have made me go back to myself. It has explained everything to me and now that I understand, I noticed how beautiful this song is, how perfect it is, how sincere and how lovely.
This is SJ’s come back after Bonamana. This is the first time that the world sees the No Other dance. I have to admit, this is so far from my expectations. Though I was clueless, I was hoping for something that suits their physiques nowadays.
But it’s the other way around.
Like what’s said in Tumblr, this is Super Junior. This is what we all loved them for. And despite the sexy impression left by the Bonamana MV, this part of them never left. This part of them was never abandoned.
No abs, no guns, no shirtless leader, no thrusts.
But there are…
imperfect dancing, singing lapses, laid-back choreography, all smiles, joy.
I was awaken by this: “Welcome back, Super Junior’. Someone said it on Tumblr, and when I read it, tears of joy flowed endlessly. My boys are finally back, and at the same time, I returned to my self and the belief that it’s not their muscles that determines who the members are.
Because the truth is they are much better than that.
You noticed that Jungsoo was so hyper and happy all throughout the dance, Heechul was still actively participating and even smiled despite being unamused, Kyuhyun became childish (again), Eunhae with Shindong were taking the dance steps coolly, Siwon wasn’t so fierce, Yesung was even sending flying kisses, and Sungmin’s bright smiles and aegyo are back. (I still can’t get over the Min-Shook-Wook thing^^)
They were fun to watch because they’re having fun. This song, this dance… there’s no pressure on it. It feels like there’s no pain, there’s no anxiety. It makes hearts fly that even the boys, themselves, cannot stop from smiling and fooling around… if you don’t understand what I am saying, then don’t call yourself an ELF.
This song is an anthemThis song is for us. It may not be them who composed it but still, they were the people who gave it the appropriate emotions to make us all feel that there is no other in their hearts except us.
I believe that this is ours. And that is the reason why they became their own selves during the performance. Because they know that whatever they are, and no matter how imperfect they are, we will still accept and love them. They know that we will appreciate them, no matter what.
And lastly, they know that we believe that there really is NO OTHER than us.
At the moment, I’m trying to stop myself from crying again. But the joy is too overwhelming. Finally, I’m back to myself and God has showed me another reason to 13elieve.
And my boys have proven me that they will always know their ways back to us, their ways back to who they really are, to who they used to be.
So ask me now, Bonamana or No Other? It’s gonna be the second .

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