Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Someone Stayed Strong

Someone stayed strong, and for that, I fell more for the very same person I have fallen in love with.
This is the second time I get to see Jungsoo and Hyukjae sending off someone to the army. The first one was Boom. Pictures have said it all, tears have flowed endlessly during that time.
I expected that same instance to happen when they accompanied Kangin. But it was not the case. Jungsoo appeared like an angel, with the other members, in full smile. I know it’s not real, I can sense that he is hurting more than the others, but he didn’t show it.
Because he wants to convince us all to wait for Kangin with beautiful smiles on our faces and I am sure, knowing Jungsoo enough, that he doesn’t want Kangin to leave with a heavy heart for making their leader cry.
Someone stayed strong, and it made me fall in love with that person more. And as I say that I’m proud of Kangin for entering the army and serving his duty as a South Korean man, I have to say that I am prouder of Jungsoo.
Because painting a good image in front of so many people when your insides are already burning due to the intolerable pain your heart feels is the most difficult thing to do. (I commend Kyuhyun on this too.) I know the feeling, and we all do…
But Jungsoo executed it well. Because for the last time before the next two years unfold, he became the angel that he really is to his member, to his friend, to his brother – Kim Youngwoon.
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