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2010.07.23 Fri 04:39
..Myself shown on tv* is not entirely it*..
..Sometimes I may feel upset and frustrated..This is the road I’ve chosen..
..That nobody has challenged at those places (,) I wanted to take the challenge*..
..Even though sometimes I find myself hateful..
..Sometimes I become disgusted at myself..
..That image may by crazy (, but because) it’s my image..
..5 years passed now when I see myself firmly standing..
..Know without knowing* I think I’ve become more stronger..
..(I) will show (you)..
..In the future once in awhile when they look at me (,) to those people who misunderstand..
..Today my heart is just empty..
*How Leeteuk wrote it in his entry*His image shown on T.V. is not exactly the kind of person he may be*Take on new challenges*When you know something but you forget about it after awhile
Credits: Leeteuk’s Cyworld
Translated by
Do not take out without FULL credits.
Through this entry, I have come to realize that there are more reasons to love the leader. I cannot help but admire him more for admitting that what we see is not always what we get on him. Not all idols have the capability to do that. Because though it is the reality, admitting it is still not easy.

I understand Jungsoo. If you read my previous articles, you’ll see that I’ve been feeling the same thing as well. And I am sure that most of you do too.

Frustration and depression are really the biggest enemies we face in life. It’s a battle we fight against ourselves. We have to win against our emotions. It’s never easy. But we all have one key to victory.


Everything comes swift when you know what  you’re doing things for. Life becomes easier when you know your goal for living. All the things which hurt you wouldn’t last. You will be able to just laugh it all off and radiate the authentic joy in your heart.

Random? Read between the lines and you’ll understand. :)

And another thing, this made me realize that it’s the “Leeteuk” that I have known, and we’re yet to discover who “Park Jungsoo” really is.

Yes, I think so too. But not generally.

Because by saying what he said, he had just introduced us to who he really is.
Sorry for being sooooo random on this. :)

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