Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Minnie Changes.

Super Junior’s Shindong recently revealed, “Sungmin is really lonely. He also has a lot of worries.”

The two appeared on SBS ‘Bae KiWan, Choi Youngah, Cho HyungKi’s Good Morning‘ with their other members, which aired on the 27th. On Sungmin, Shindong confessed, “He was really worried about his cute image being seen negatively. He talked to me a lot in order to show a more manlier side of him.”
Sungmin confirmed Shindong’s comment by saying, “I have changed a lot recently. Fans also told me that I have become cold. I used to act cute a lot in the past, but now my cuteness embarrasses me.”
Source: newsen
Translation: ch0sshi and Alice(OhㅡDɑrℓing♥) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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Minnie said it before, but I thought he was just joking. But apparently, he’s serious when he said that he wants to show his manly side, and get rid of being the aegyo king of Super Junior.
And because he cannot seem to do it, he’s getting upset and depressed. He’s going through a hard time.
Must we laugh it off?
Hell no.
Minnie is serious about this.
I understand how Minnie feels. He’s 26 and branded on his forehead is a title which he have been bringing on since debut. Yeah, we all love him for that but I think it feels kind of tiring when for how many years, it’s the same thing he’s been REALLYknown for.
You see, people change.
When Minnie ditched Twitter, you guys just don’t know how that broke my heart. My rabbit left just like that. But then, it was what he wanted. So I’m letting go, and stopped ranting about the incident.
He had changed. He had become someone else. Everybody noticed it, but not everyone is paying attention with the details.
Think about it. When he showed off his body in the 4jib photos, the first reaction that he got was disbelief. Yeah, you know that right? There were people who thought it was photoshopped, edited.
Admit it or not, there were so many fans who didn’t want to believe that it was indeed his body. Many didn’t want to accept the manly side of him.
Because we want him to always be the cute Sungminthe eternal Aegyo King.
But you see, even our Minnie wants to change.
I pray we understand how painful that could be to our Sungmin. There is a possibility that he felt rejected. Because he worked hard to show something that is so unexpected of him, but many didn’t appreciate.
We all know that feeling, right? We all know how it hurts.
I don’t know what I could do to help him fight the worries that have been bothering him now. I just don’t want him to be lonely, even if that means I won’t be seeing his aegyo for a while.
Geez. Why would it have to be this hard?
All I want is for Minnie to do what he wants; to be the person he thinks he should be. After all, he’s getting older, as I am getting older too. I know that there are some things which would just have to change…
Like this.
But if only I could tell him straight..
Minnie, there was never a time that I see your aegyo as something negative. In fact, it has always brought light to my darkest days. But I want you to know that whatever you do, I will appreciate. Retain that cuteness, or be someone more manly, it’s fine with me.
After all, it’s Lee Sungmin who I love. Not just the Aegyo King that you are.
However, I’m gonna miss this:

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