Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To Our Kibummie…

Okay. So I have no idea how to start this, and I know that it is not the best time yet. But I have waited for this time to come. But there is no better time than now.


In the midst of all these detrimental issues which kills us all, where is he? Seriously, what is he up to? I know I am not making sense but these are the questions that have long been lingering in my mind. I have long thought of this. Well, I have decided for Geng and Youngwoon. I guess, it’s just about time that I decide for myself when it comes to Kibum.
Geez. This is just a matter of interest. I’m not blaming or accusing our Kibummie but somehow, I just have to blurt this all out. The pain is excruciating. I have long been wanting answers to all my questions. I have long been waiting for a reason to defy all fears. Because the real thing is here: I don’t want to lose him.
Kim Kibum was one of my top biases and when I say I believe in all 15 of them, he’s included. I’m not giving up on him but honestly, I am ready to let him go too.
I already did so with Geng and now it’s gonna be Kibum who I think I’ll say goodbye to. I’m not trying to make up controversies here. AND I AM NOT SAYING THAT I AM TURNING MY BACK AGAINST THIS LOVELY MAN. I’m merely stating a fact about myself. This is how I feel, so bash me all you want, I don’t care.
Because after all, I know deep down each of you, you feel the same.
I love you and when I say I do, I mean it. But you’ve been away for like two years now and we’re hearing no news about your intentions to come back to Super Junior.
I don’t want you to go because accept it or not, you are an indispensable part of the group. You are a brother to the other 14. You are a piece of the jigsaw puzzle and the group would never be complete without you.
We need you back but if you’ve got no plans of coming home, I’ll accept it. Because I promise to support you, no matter what. Though it pains me, though it sucks. I waited for you yesterday, but you weren’t there. I know you’ve got reasons. I want to believe that you were there by heart.
But I need to free my heart from everything. I’m not hoping anymore, so if one day, you decided to return, it will be the most awesome surprise.
As for now, thank you for stepping into my life. Please be happy on your chosen path. Just please take care because you have a piece of me with you, and whatever happens, it will never ever leave.
I’ll just be waiting til you get home, Kibummie. So long.

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