Friday, July 23, 2010

When Insanity and Laziness Strikes…

I can’t think straight. I’m here at the office, supposedly writing an article about our company, but obviously, it’s not what I’m doing. Instead of working on what I’m being paid for, here I am, breaking the rules and writing something crappy to read.
Heenim is right, today’s quite annoying. It’s a Friday, and it should be fun but it’s not getting any nicer. I think I couldn’t get any work done today. And that would surely not help of my employment assessment.
Then I thought, maybe I got fed up.
Everyday, I wake up early in the morning, rush myself to prepare for office, ride the train with the deadliest people (ugh, I hate LRT), and then spend majority of my day’s hours at the office while writing about what I never knew about and I never cared about.
It’s the same routine I do everyday. And it’s no longer fun.


Because I’ve got my reasons. Because I’ve got my motivations.
Funny as it may seem, Super Show 3 is my driving force to do what I do,everyday. You see, the ticket is not cheap. It doesn’t just costs hundreds. It costs thousands. And of course, I wouldn’t go for the general admission. Idealistic? Quite. But still, no.
This is getting insane. Sorry for the rants. I just have to remind myself of what I really should be doing.

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