Wednesday, July 14, 2010

There’s a Rainbow Always After the Rain

Amidst all these controversies enveloping Super Junior, a lot of friends are asking me:


Tell me. What should the answer be?
Well, the truth is: It’s not easy. It has come to be so difficult because as I continue making myself believe that they’re gonna be complete again, life is continuously presenting me proofs of the opposite. I could only be sure of Kangin and Geng. I completely have no idea with Kibum.
Yet, I chose to believe.
Because I know that their hearts still belong to us. We are their ELF. They are our Super Junior. In one way or another, we own each other. Not personally, I know. But in their hearts, we’ll always be there.
In this Sapphire Blue world, I am not losing hope. I know one day will come and we’ll gonna see them again back to us, back to Super Junior, back to themselves.
However, we do not know when; and waiting is the most excruciating part. Nothing is certain. When are they joining Super Junior again, only God knows. And that pains us all.
But I wouldn’t stop believing just because this hurts. I’m never letting go of the three indispensable parts of my life. After all, they are GengKangin and Kibum –members of Super Junior.
I remember what my Science teacher said, way back in Grade School: The darkest time of every day comes before the sun shines. That is why, I am certain that these shall pass, and then we’re gonna see the bright tomorrow…
with all 15 of them in front of us.

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