Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Kim Heechul~!



I do not know how to start on this. I am just too overwhelmed everytime it’s Kim Heechul that I have to talk about. Really, everything about him just makes me lost for words.
Maybe because there is actually no enough statements to describe this beautifully awesome man. Geez. even the words beautiful and awesome do not seem to be enough.
Today is a celebration. Because 28 years ago, (technically 27), the legend was born. A man to be revered came to Earth. A man destined to be the KIM HEECHUL of Super Junior.
Geez. Why couldn’t I start right when it’s about him?
Seriously, Heenim, I know I have sworn in the name of the Sapphire Blue World that I will lay my life on the line for you. I know it’s exaggerated but I have already professed such promise. And I have no plans of changing my mind.
Being the way you are is fun, but I understand that it could sometimes be difficult. People easily judge you for things you do, and I know that it hurts. You may seem perfect but you’re still human. You’re still vulnerable. I am just so glad that you can handle it all well.
I wish you to be authentically happy. Because though we’re million miles apart and you do not know me, I can feel the solitude behind your precious smiles.
Maybe I really don’t know you that much, but I know you enough to put my whole faith in you. Though I love Jungsoo so much, I have to admit that you are the member who primarily makes the color Sapphire Blue shine. The spirit in you is overwhelming, and you, yourself, is.
Heenim… You have given life a brand new definition – as a part of Super Junior and as an individual. You make things better for everyone just by being an AB person that you are. You make us laugh and wonder where you’re getting all your ideas from.
But most of all, you make us understand the true meaning of brotherhood more. And yes, you taught us how to love deeper.
Despite being the amusingly unamused, self-conceited, vain man that you are, you are still KIM HEECHUL. And we all loved you for that.
I just have one wish, though.
Please. Just this once. Please…


Happy Birthday Kim Heechul!

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