Sunday, July 25, 2010

Because It’s Not an END… It’s an AND.

마지막 터치

(via @Heedictator)
I have said that the word “LAST” doesn’t always have its negative implications on me. But I have to admit that sometimes, I fear such word. Because it means FINALtoo. Because it means GOODBYE.
Heenim tweeted this a while ago. Majimak teochi. Final touchI don’t know but all of a sudden, I feel hurt. I feel the pain. I feel the fear.
I know they will just be preparing for the Super Show 3. And I’ll be seeing them again on February. But after that, what? What’s next? What’s in store for the boys? What’s in store for Super Junior? What’s in store for us?
These questions keep on running through my head. My paranoia’s attacking and I’m being deceived by the What ifs. But I can’t help it. I know that sooner or later, we’ll be saying goodbye to each of them.
And just like Gaia (SJ-world’s founder), I’ll probably be out of KPOP if they’re out too.
Don’t get me wrong. I believe in the power of these fifteen people. But I have to admit that sometimes, I think of the possibilities. Sometimes, I take delight on it. But most often, I fear.
What am I saying? Nothing much. I just hate the world FINAL, as much as I hate the word GOODBYE.
Heenim, it’s not the last, babe.
Because remember what Jungsoo said?
It’s not an END. It’s an AND.
So take care for now. :) I’ll be missing you guys, so much :)

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