Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To the Brave Kim Youngwoon Who Never Fail to Make Us Proud

You’re off to your short journey, Youngwoon. Officially, our two years of waiting for you has begun.
I know it’s not gonna be easy. We’ve lost you for a year already due to those fateful circumstances, and now we’re facing another two long years without you.
But Youngwoon, I want you to know that despite the intolerable pain this enlistment has been giving me since day one, these tears flowing from my eyes is no longer because I’m hurting. I have fought fairly on that battle and I emerged victorious. I won fair and square on the emotional battle against everything that had happened to you.
These tears I’m shedding now is because I’m so proud of you. Because as we fight the battle, you were fighting for us too. As we strive hard to protect you, you remained our shield trying to protect us from all the shrapnels they’re throwing.
You bravely caught all the arrows. You endured all the pain. You were wounded, you bled, but you managed to be strong. And just as I was thinking that it was you who we are defending all along, I knew and I realize when I saw you in blue shirt and gray cap, with a haircut fit for army,  that it was us who were kept safe… there.. in your loving heart.
You remained to be the strong benevolence that you are. You lived your name just when we all need it the most.
You stood stronger than ever, and that made me so much prouder of you. You did what you have to do, you admitted the mistakes, you suffered the consequences, you went through a lot.
But you are the strongest person I know. You are the toughest kid in Super Junior that’s why you have the term ‘KANG‘ in your name. You do not give up easily. And you know what you really are fighting for.
It hurts us to see you leave but I know it hurts more for you to see us being left behind. But Youngwoon oppa, it’ll just be a short journey, right? For the mean time, do not worry about us. There are ten others who will be protecting us when you’re away. There are ten others who will continue what you all have started. There are ten others to love us. There are ten others who will be standing beside us for the next two years that you are away.
In two years, I’ll see you again, with your eye smile, with your bullying plans, with your strong appearance. I’ll have you around again, right?
Please be healthy. Please be happy. I know what you’re doing this for, and I assure you that your efforts will never go to waste. We will remain loyal and we will never cheat.
And after two years, when you come back from the military, and you show us the smile and ask us DO YOU MISS ME?‘, you’ll hear me in your heart shouting, ‘YES I DO.
Because at that time, I will run to you.

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