Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Angel…

I haven’t prepared any fan projects, dear angel. It sucks that my failing health cannot make me more efficient than what I am before. But I know it does not make any differences… You’re still the Park Jungsoo that I love.
I must have said this like a million times but I want you to know that I am just so proud of the choice I have made when I started to commit myself to loving you. You are the best decision in my life, and you are the most perfect part of it. You are the reason of my existence, my constant support and strength, my angel without wings, my serenity, my calm…


People who don’t understand can call me insane for this impossibility but never will I turn my back against you. It is fate that brought me to Super Junior, and it is destiny that brought me to you.
It is not who you are that matters… It’s about what you do and what you’re doing that for. You are more than a famous Korean idol to me. You are more than the leader of my most loved group. You are more than what you think you are.
Because yes, you are more than an angel.
You make things better without knowing it. You give joy to people despite being sad. I don’t know how you’re doing it but I feel it when you carry burdens. Maybe it’s because we’re both Cancerians that’s why I do, but I believe there’s more than that.
I guess there really is an invisible connection between us. I’m not assuming but you seem to have something that connects you to your fans… It makes us all understand you without words. It seems like magic. Your charisma is overflowing. And that, I believe, is one of the million things that makes me cling to you. ^^
On my last birthday, I wished you to be happy. Yes, you were part of it all. I prayed to God that He gives you strength to keep on doing the things you’ve started for us. I prayed that He gives you  determination and good health to always be happy.
Because no matter how many trials you meet along the way, I know that we all can make you happy too. Though it does not equal the happiness you’re giving us, I know it’s enough to ease all the pain away.
I promise to love you, Jungsoo. For all of me… Beyond the time when the whole world is covered with Sapphire Blue

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