Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saving the Best for Last

April 10, 2010 – the last leg of Super Show 2 was held in Manila. We were the last stop, and more than the negativity of the word, it is its good implication that washed through me.
You see, I have always loved the word last’ despite being like ‘left-out’. Because I grew up believing on the old saying:


See the connection?
We were the last stop of SS2 and apparently, we are also the last one for SS3. Well, I find it special. Maybe I’ve just been very optimistic on this, the LOLz. :)
No, seriously. I am just so proudIt is usually the first and the last that are never forgotten, right? The first is where a memory starts and the last is where it ends. Both are special. Both plays a great role on people’s lives. Too precious to disregard.
Indeed, the Philippine ELF had and has the greatest opportunity to mark its name on the hearts of Super Junior. We did it last time, and I’m sure we can do better on February.
Here’s my suggestion:
Why don’t we try to exert a hundred percent effort on this? why don’t we push ourselves to our limits or go beyond it all? For once, why don’t we unite?
This is a proposal that I hope you’ll all accept. It does not need to be thongs and condoms (though I commend whoever did that ^^~~). To show support, let us cooperate.
First, watch the concert. Anticipate. Second, support the fan projects. Third, do the fan chants.
Because being invited to a party called SUPER SHOW” is a PRIVILEGE. So better make the most out of it.
We have the best opportunity to make the boys remember us. Letting them know that we exist is not enough. We have create an unforgettable memory in order to instill on their minds that we love them, that we care for them, and that we appreciate.
It is our duty. It is our destiny.
Indeed, the negative idea of being the last does not always apply. Because for the Super Shows, the BEST IS SAVED FOR LAST. And we’ve got to return the favor to the boys. We’ve got to show them love and support – all out.
Join me on this, Philippine ELF.  To hell with all the issues on fandom. Let us come as one this time.

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