Saturday, July 17, 2010

Learn to Say No

credits: lovechar2000 @ youtube
It is difficult, I know. But it’s not all the time that we can say YES to everything. Sometimes, saying no is inevitable. Sometimes, saying no is much more than saying yes.
I can’t contain the happiness I’m feeling for Geng. At the very moment that I’m writing this, Geng is having his concert in Beijing. And I can’t help but feel so proud of this one man who stood up against everything he had lived for, in order to live.
This song says it all. And this taught me lessons.
I remember last night, I was with someone so special. We were talking about some things. But the whole time that we were together, he was hugging me like he had no plans to let go. It was tight. It was grateful. It was real.
It was all I’ve ever wanted. It was all I’ve ever dreamed. He doesn’t want to let go and I don’t ever wanna let go either. He keeps on insisting that I don’t leave…
But I said no.
I don’t know how I managed to do that. I held his hands and removed it from my waist. With all my might, I held back the tears. To make him let go of me is difficult, especially when I knew that it is me  whom my weakness is getting strength from.
He locked me in his embrace. He made me feel that he needed me.
But I said no.
Because like Geng, I have to make a choice between two things that hurt. I chose to say no because that’s the lesser of two evils. It hurts to let go but it would be better than prolonging the pain. Because I don’t know if I could endure it more.
Maybe there’s no much connection with my story and with Geng’s situation with Super Junior. But there is. We both said no and we hurt people. But we knew we have to. For the greater of all things.
I’m such one pathetic person for trying to make up a connection but I hope you’re getting my point. I hope you’re finding yourself in my shoes.

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