Monday, July 12, 2010

Keeping HanChul Alive.

We all thought Geng left. But I really do not believe that. Yes, I have let go of the Chinese prince and I have accepted that it would be long before I get to see him with Super Junior again.
But I have always believed that he never left.


I do not want to come up with any assumptions but days after Geng announced his solo concert (or days before, I’m not sure), Heenim died his hair blonde. Blonde like Geng’s. However, I don’t fuss over it too much since there are other members who have blonde hair, then, too.
But there are instances which can never deny the truth. They’re not mere coincidences, because they’re products of fate… or will.
I know these are simple things and maybe we’re really just overreacting and assuming that there really is a connection.
But as we all know, Heenim does things with a reason. He’s so full of sense that being bored is one of his primary justification on why he do things.
But geez.
Can you really say he’s just bored that is why he wore a shirt like Geng’s?
And can you tell me that he just feels like doing so that is why he have and he wore a necklace that is very similar to the Chinese prince’s during the Dream Concert?
Guys. This is no mere coincidence. This is real. Out of boredom, or whatever…


Everyone, we’ve been so worried about the boys, especially about Heenim, when Geng ‘left’ Super Junior. Personally, my first thought when I heard the news was ‘HOW’S HEENIM?’ It was the initial reaction of everyone. And everybody waited for the cat’s statement.
Sorry, I’ve gone random. And I don’t know what I’m saying.
But the gist is here: Heenim is keeping HanChul alive.
I said before that Geng has ‘left’ Super Junior already. But honestly, I don’t believe on that. Because, one day, I know he’s coming back.
At the moment, I’m appreciating his partner, his clone, his princess, his bestfriend, his brother. I’m appreciating Heenim.

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