Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Protecting Super Junior’s Dreams

Actually, am hesitating on whether to talk about it, it is the first time talking about this incident on TV. It happened 3 years ago, that day Shidong and I went to KTR to be guests, and on the way back to the dorm after broadcast ends, I closed my eyes and was listening to the music.
Suddenly, there is a huge noise, and the car was spinning. The noise continues and the car spun for several time, and I fainted. When I opened my eyes, I realized I was lying on the road. When I regained conscious, I realized the car has turned off to afar, and I then realized we had a car accident. That point of time, I was thinking I have to sit up, but suddenly there was a flash of white in front of my eyes. Everything in the past flashing past just like old tapes. From the first time entering school during primary school period, to going on holiday with parents, first time singing on stage, and thought, so… this is how a person die. That time Eunhyuk ran over and held my hands tight, because I was crying, praying to let me live. Eunhyuk was holding onto my hands, praying along with me. After being unconscious for 4 days, waking up, I realized I was in the hospital.
The car spun twice then overturned. That point of time I thought, this time round im died, then I fainted. I has 150 stitches then. When I opened my eyes, I realized I cant see a thing in one eyes (because my face was covered with blood). Was really tired at that point of time, and my face was covered with blood, so the ambulance rushed over to my side first. Actually Kyuhyun is lying at one corner, broke 6 of his ribs.
That time, the broken ribs has hurt into the lungs. The doctor told my parents and the people from the company: “This kid is going to die. The operation has to start from the throat. Even with the operation, there is only 20% of success”. But my dad says “This kid has to sing, he is a singer, has his own dreams. If you start the operation from the throat, doesn’t it equals to robbing him of his one last hope? Even if he can survive, how can he continue to live?” The doctor says “Are you crazy? Your kid is dying, is singing so important? Has to have the operation no matter what”, and both parties kept arguing. Then there was this doctor, just like the Chinese doctor HuaTuo*, I can still remember the name, Professor Wang YongJok**. He said “I will use another method to operate on him, let him continue to sing”. Therefore I did not need to operate on the throat, and used the other method. When I heard of this, I cried for very long, because my dad always disapprove me to being a singer. He keep saying “How can someone who is in education profession has a singer son?”. The father that has always disapprove me to be a singer, when I was unconscious, he protected my dreams for me, so I cried very badly.
Kang Hodong: How long did you take to get back to the stage
I get back onto the stage 5 months later. When I got back onto the stage, until the song ends, no matter if it is SJ’s fans or the other artists’ fans, as long as they see me appear, they cheered loudly for me. I felt very touched then, and felt that I had a new life. Being able to sing the song that I liked the most, being able to continue the activities with the members, being able to see the fans, being able to walk, being able to eat, felt really grateful to all these. Therefore I can continue to live. Am really thankful to the father who protected my dreams, and Eunhyuk who ran towards me the first moment and held on my hands and pray with me.
T/N: * He is famous because he is known to be a divine doctor
** Not sure the exact name
Chinese translation: 雪凌儿
English translation: minoko2440 @
Take out with full credits and DO NOT ADD YOURSELF TO THE CREDITS
My heart still hurts when I thought of that fateful day. And yes, this is the first time that Kyuhyun spoke of the accident. I have heard Jungsoo and Eunhyuk talk about this before on Star King and it was too painful to hear.
And I was right, it would just be more painful hearing it from Kyuhyun, himself.
It’s a part of the past which I could never ever forget, no matter how much I try. It has left a very deep scar which nothing can erase. It is a nightmare which I have always dreaded to return.
This story, this chapter of their lives taught me a lot of different things. We all know how Jungsoo cared for the maknae when he was in the stretcher. We also saw on videos how Shindong never left Kyuhyun and Jungsoo. But this is the first time I knew what Hyukjae did – he was holding the hands of Kyuhyun, praying that the kid would live.
It was more than friendship right there. It was brotherhood. It is brotherhood.
But the person that  touched my heart the most was Kyuhyun’s father. For all this time, I never knew that Kyuhyun’s father was against his singing career, and it is just so heartwarming to know that despite the opposition, HE PROTECTED HIS CHILD’S DREAMS.
I guess that is how a father should be. It might be quite ironic because it’s dreams versus health here, but dreams are the ultimate motivating factor of being healthy. And Kyuhyun’s father knew of that very well.
I have to thank Kyuhyun’s dad. Because he didn’t just protect his child’s dreams, he also protected ours. Because if he allowed the throat operation to push through, we wouldn’t have Kyuhyun now with us.
Three years ago, the maknae’s father did his part, and I guess, it’s about time that we do ours. Let us protect Kyuhyun’s and the others’ dreams, because for all we know, we are all part of it. And for all we know, their dreams are ours too.
Let’s do this for the next three years, and beyond.

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