Thursday, August 12, 2010

I’m Getting Ready to Welcome You Back Home, Kibum

Nobody has confirmed it yet, but my instincts are saying you’re about to come back, Kibum. My heart is telling me, you’ll be back soon.
This afternoon, I was so damn bored at the office. I was close to banging my head on the wall so I may come up with an idea on how to start an article I’m supposed to write ‘again’.
But then I saw Kibummie’s picture on Tumblr. And I was awaken by what I’ve realized.
He MIGHT be coming back.
Honestly, I’m not expecting since Jungsoo said that this mischievous man is still concentrating on being an actor. But I have to say that I am hoping that he changed his mind and would go for Super Show 3 at the moment.
Because I seriously need a Kim Kibum back in my life right now.
The mere thoughts of it excites me. A party with the long lost brother. Even without Geng and Kangin, having Kibum there would somehow compensate. At least, 13 (with Mochi and Mimi counted) is still better than 12, right?
Geez. I know this tactic. It’s one of the most common techniques in the entertainment industry here in the Philippines. Who knows? The same thing may apply in South Korea. :)
Kim Kibum, I told you I’ve let you go. But I have left my doors and windows open for you. And now that I think I know what’s going on, I want to tell you that I’m more than ready to welcome you home :)

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