Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The 7th Year...

So it's finally the 7th year anniversary.

I don't want to sound less interested but God knows I don't want to sound so trying hard either. It's November 6 and as much as I want to feel elated, I have to admit that I can't force a part of me into it.

Because this year, it's just so different for me. Because you see, the absence of the leader is taking ts toll on me.

I purposefully did not update myself about his enlistment. I purposefully did not intend to do anything unlike when Hee and Kangin enlisted. I purposefully pretended like I didn't care because I can't afford to be a complete mess. Things in my real life had gone out of hand that moment too and I have a family to support, so if I break down, I wouldn't be able to work and that would mean no money to provide for my loved ones.

But I guess, a day of nursing the pain of Jungsu's absence wouldn't damage me that much.

It's almost a week and for that whole span of time, I felt restless and quite incomplete. Perhaps, it really has something to do with my real lovelife but why would I deny that this whole army ordeal contributes too? I always run to Jungsu whenever I feel like a trash in the real world because although he doesn't know me, I know that he values me as his fan.

But obviously, he's temporarily gone.

And now it's the 7th anniversary and I should be happy. But as I said, I can't be fully happy when someone so special is out there. I know it's just the same when Heechul and Kangin left for enlistment, but there lies the great difference that Park Jungsu is Leeteuk, and Leeteuk is my bias.

Nonetheless, I wish the other members a thousand congratulations. It has been seven years, five of which I've been with them. Kangin's back and Heechul's coming back soon. While I can't even fathom why these things wouldn't pacify my incompleteness, I still hope that everybody would take the time to celebrate one of the best moments of our lives as ELF. It's not everyday (although it feels like that most of the time) that the group turns seven anyway.

So yeah, thank you Super Junior for the seven years of joy and happiness, of sorrow and tears, of hellos and goodbyes, of love and just love. Thank you for completing our lives and for allowing us to somehow be part of yours. What we have will never be replaced, no matter how many times we look toward the directions leading away from the other. Because in the end, our paths will still meet because since the very beginning, our destinies are intertwined as this.

I love you, guys. Happy anniversary!

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