Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fulfilled Dreams are my Miracles

So I’ve got many things to do. I’ve got LOTS of dreams to fulfill. So many that I don’t even know if I have the guts to make it all come true, or will it stay as just DREAMS as how many of the previous ones have turned into.
It’s kinda harassing on my part whenever I think of my failed plans. I have lots of frustrations, you know. I have committed lots of stupidities in my life and I have no idea how to make it all right.
But you know what I know? I can always start something better.
Because of my past, I have learned that organization and right priorities are just the secrets to a fulfilled dream. I realized that visualizing things the way you want them all to be is the primary thing that I must do so that a miracle could happen.
Oh, I have mentioned miracles again. So here enters my randomness.
Miracles. They’re my fulfilled dreams. Got my point?
Okay. So miracles, basically, are things you don’t expect to happen, yet it do. Miracles are mysteries unearthed. And I believe that those are my dreams.
You see, everytime I realize that I have made one dream come true, I feel so accomplished. I feel so awesome because never in my wildest and weirdest dreams have I ever thought that I could actually make something come true out of this stupid life. I know, I’m being random again. But your mind is too, that’s why I know you understand.
Now that I have finally discovered the secret, let me tell you one thing. I’m planning a lot of plans. :) Really. I’m designing my future, and obviously, that includes Super Junior on it.
I have told you about my dreams, right? In the post entitled NOT GETTING ANY YOUNGER? Yeah, I did. I told you already about my plans of coming to Davao and going to Seoul for Jungsoo ^^
You know what? I’m making it all happen. I swear I’ll make it all happen.
To hell with the hindrances and obstruction, I’ll build a constellation of dreams and find the miracle in each of it. ^^
And when the time comes that I get to finish all those things, I’ll rest in tranquility and joy…
And you’ll never have to deal with my randomness again. :)

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