Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Can Fan Projects Do?

If you notice recently, I’ve been tweeting and telling PhELF a lot about the fan projects to be done during SS3 Manila. There may be some people – for instance, my officemates – who got annoyed that they would want to ask why the hell am I doing it, and what’s all those projects are for.
You know why?
Because as I have said, fan projects are the only things we can do to give back to the joy they’ve been giving us since day one. It’s the only way we can let them know that we do appreciate their sacrifices, and that we are most willing to share it with them.
I know fan projects could be a hassle to our watching of the concert. Instead of enjoying everything by ourselves, we have to think of what to do next for each performance.
But you know what? It’s worth it. It’s definitely worth it.
I remember what a friend shared to me. She said, a Korean ELF once told her:


That got me moved. We were in the bus when she told me those words and I swear, I feel like crying.
I kinda felt guilty afterwards, and to ease it away, I swore I’ll help in making the fan projects in SS3 Manila successful.
Honestly, cheering and clapping could be enough to let them realize that PhELF exists. But we have to understand that if we participate on fan projects and we made it successful, we’ll be able to let them know more than just admiration.
Doing fan projects will make them understand that we love them so much that we’ll be doing our own forms of sacrifices for them.
Fanchants, lightsticks, flash mobs, banners, towels, etc. – these things may cost us a lot (effort, time and money). But as I’ve said, it’s gonna be worth it. Because there’s no greater feeling that seeing the boys cry for joy because of what we do.
During SS2 Manila, I know the boys are somehow disappointed that we weren’t able to fill Araneta. But then we have our excuse then, the boys aren’t so known in the Philippines yet.
But now that they’re number 1 in the country, I know we’ll be able to do better this time. We’ll fill the coliseum again with Sapphire Blue, and we’ll make the projects successful because for us to give back to them, it’s the only thing we can ever do.
For those who are joining the projects, I have it under the Super Show 3: MANILA page. :) I hope we’ll all be able to participate. :) It’s easy to navigate. Please enjoy yourselves :)

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