Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not Getting Any Younger ^_^

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot of the future. Though I am just 21 years old, I realize that looking at what lies ahead is a very important thing.
Others of my age would basically tell me to enjoy the present first. Well, that’s what I’m doing. However, there are things to consider. After all, what I am doing right now will definitely affect what I’ll be doing tomorrow. The future is the continuation of my present, and so I have to think of it.
Right now, I have a few things in my mind which I really want to do. LOL YEAH, Korean-inspired it is. ^^ Nevertheless, let me share them all to you.
First, I’ll work like how it is in Korean dramas.  You know, working on numerous part time jobs to earn money for the family and for myself. Haha. It’s never gonna be easy of course, especially with evil people just lurking around the corner of the streets. But I can’t accomplish anything without taking the risks. ^^
If I’ll have two jobs, I’ll give my whole salary for the first job to my parents. Then I’ll keep the second salary for myself. Sounds good for a compromise, eh? That way, I wouldn’t be a burden to my parents. I can help them and at the same time, fulfill my dreams.
Until next year, I will be doing this. I definitely have to do this. I’m sure things will be better for 2011 since both my parents will surely have their pensions then. From then, I can have majority of my earnings for myself.
Of course, Super Show 3 Manila will be the first priority. I’ve been wanting to sit in the VIP areas but if finances don’t allow, I’ll settle for the Upper A. The stage has gone a lot bigger, and I can always buy a binocular. haha. Though I would really feel sorry for myself that I wouldn’t see Sungmin’s tattoo and the boys’ bodies.. UPCLOSE. hahaha
Next year, I’ll be supporting fan projects. I will be starting one myself too. Jungsoo fans who I’ll be meeting in Araneta, I’ll give you a treat, I swear. I’ve got a plan for Heechul too. HAHAHA XD It’ll be raining Mantao bread there, I SWEAR.
After the SS3, I’ll be flying to Davao. Probably by May. It’s a promise I can never break. Even a two-day vacation, just as long as I get to visit the guys there. Hihi.
The following days will surely be something serious then. After SS3 Manila, I’ll start saving for a trip to Seoul. I swear, I’ll go to South Korea when it’s time for Jungsoo to enter the army. If I won’t be able to do that, then I’ll still go to Seoul so I can meet a friend. Then come there again to welcome Jungsoo back from the military service.
My dreams are big, right? Hihi. I’ll surely fulfill these. After all, dreaming big is like having great motivations to continue living. If I have big dreams, I’ll be having greater reasons to make things better for myself. ^^
This is kinda stupid for some, especially that Super Junior is a part of it. But, this is what I want to do. And as I’m not getting any younger, it’s about time that I start making it all come true. ^^

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