Friday, October 15, 2010

For They Could Sometimes be Synonymous to the Three-Letter-Word.

First and foremost, never have I thought that I’ll be writing something about what I’m about to write now. If you’re a minor, DON’T CONTINUE READING. I don’t want to get blamed for something manifested in all of you. Because honestly, I never thought I’d be able to really put my thoughts into words for a blog which readers’ ages I don’t really know.
Second, I know that I’ll be speaking again for people who wouldn’t admit that they’re like this as well. Let just one person express the thoughts of many. If I won’t be able to get the words straight from your mouths, forgive me. I guess it’s because we differ in one thing: IMAGINATION.
Okay. Primarily, I have to make clear that I am still a virgin and I’m proud of that. But I have to admit that though I still am one, I feel like I’m not whenever I hear the Super Junior member’s voices . SERIOUSLY. Especially DONGHAE’s.
Yeah. EARGASMS as it is in the Tumblr dictionary. I always have that. Sometimes, I get so addicted that I really hear UNFs. Go to urbandictionary to know what that word is. Yeah. I know, that’s so pervert but whoever doesn’t feel that way is… i don’t even know what to call you.
Probably, this is just because I’ve been reading too much smut fan fiction stories. Stories stating Sungmin is a slut and Jongwoon is a sex god. Same thing with Kyuhyun and Ryewook. Geez. I don’t know if I’m actually making sense with this. I’m trying to squeeze my mind for metaphors and euphemisms just so I wouldn’t sound so stupid and pervert. But anything I say will surely result to that.
Obviously, it’s not their bodies that drive me insane. Though Mimi’s and Sungmin’s will always be exceptions. Nevertheless, I guess muscles will never be my fetish. On my tumblr account, I may seem like I’m so into it but honestly, compare it to the sexiness of their muffled voices coming out from my headphones. It’s… irresistible.
Imagination plays a great function as well, I think. I started with creative writing. I am a Communication Arts students. A right brainer. That explains why I always have a picture in my mind – something not for kids, something very obscene.
Whenever I hear them sing (ESPECIALLY RAP), there’s a rumbling inside of me. It’s not so good to think about, really. Because once I pay attention, it’ll be too difficult not to think about it anymore. Sometimes, it becomes visible in my dreams. OMG. Yeah. But for the record, I have never dreamed of doing it with any of them.
No, I’m not a maniac or whatever. It’s just that there are times when I have to entertain such thoughts. You see, I am still human and this is one inevitable part of one’s existence. It may just seem like it’s quite stupid of me to think like this, especially that I am a woman. But, to hell with culture and conservative traditions. I am not coming clean here.
Random, yeah? Well. I guess it should be. Everything is random when you’re at it. I have never experienced it myself but friends who did say so. Well, with Eunhae’s I WANNA LOVE YOU as my background, I guess yeah, SJ could sometimes means SEX.

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