Saturday, October 16, 2010

SS3 MANILA: We’ll Make It Through.

You guys have heard about the issue of sponsorship in SS3 Manila right? Well, for those who haven’t yet. There is a major problem that PULP Live Productions is facing right now.
Sponsors don’t believe in the power of Philippine ELF. They think that nobody would dare watch a concert with Korean singers because we won’t be able to understand the language they’ll use. They probably think that we aren’t a good market for their products.
Outright insulting. Not because they question our intelligence and ability to fill Araneta. But because they question our dedication towards Super Junior. Because they question the fame of the boys.
But then, you know what guys? I can’t blame them. This is business for them. Doubts will always be doubts that’s why haters exist. It’s just so sad that things like these have to happen.
I don’t want to think like it’s the end of the world for me. But I have to consider some facts. Having organized several major events for UE Caloocan, I must admit the fear of not being able to see them again for SS3.
Because you see, sponsors are the lifeblood of a production. Unless the event is organized and funded by a multi-millionaire who would definitely risk money over something without an assurance of success.
I know and I believe that SS3 will be a success considering that I know the world I’m in. I know my people. During SS2, we managed to make them see how great the Sapphire Blue World is. It’s just that some people – sponsors – don’t believe.
I guess, this is the time when Super Junior needs us the most. This is the time when we have to exert double effort in making them known. This is the time when we have to cooperate with each other, and unite as one. Enough of the issues, enough of the whining.
We have to make them see the power of ELF.
It’s yet another call for us. It’s yet another mountain to climb. But we aren’t giving up, right? Because Super Junior will never give up on us.

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