Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Real Purpose of Fandom

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The picture above may somehow be comical but this is the truth. I have told it here many times before that I love Super Junior not because of how they look like, but because of what they are. Sure thing, the physical appearance counts a lot but if admiration is based merely on it, it doesn’t make sense.
After all, fandom is more than just the screaming, stalking and spazzing. It’s more than the knowledge about even the tiniest information about the boys. It’s more than just the years spent of being called a ‘fan’.
Because fandom doesn’t look at the outside alone and it doesn’t count years to be defined. Fandom is dedication. Fandom is love.
I got to talk to someone whose faith had faltered. Due to the actions of some ‘batshit crazy fans’ (as she had said), she decided to quit this. She left the Sapphire Blue World… or so I guess.
We’ve talked about other things but I would choose not to bring it up here. Nevertheless, I’ll speak my mind.
In this world, there are two kinds of fans: the crazy ones and the dedicated ones. The neutral doesn’t count. Me, I know where I stand. I’m at the second option. That is why I started fan projects and I support others’ activities for the boys.
Am I batshit crazy? No; because believe it or not, I do not do these things for popularity. I do not do these things to gain influence. I do not do these things to be called a fan. I do not these things just because it’s the in-thing to do.
Should I be considered a batshit crazy just because I am trying to give back to what they boys have given me all this time? Should I be called stupid just because I’m doing everything with Super Junior as my inspiration?
You, my dear reader, decide on what you want to believe in.
Indeed, the knowledge of some people about fandom is way too limited. And it hurts me to realize that in this Sapphire Blue World, there are still some people who have been staying here for so long, yet they still do not know what they are here for.
Faith falters easily only when one doesn’t hold it tight. If you are too vulnerable about the issues outside your focus, you wouldn’t succeed in keeping yourself upright. Things will fall apart and it might be difficult for you to bring it all back together again.

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