Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Major Decision for the Best

It’s gonna be a few weeks before the ticketing event for Super Show 3 Manila and I haven’t got a single peso on my pocket for it anymore. My savings flew away just like that. Can’t blame myself though, much more, my family.
Yeah, we’re having a great difficulty with our finances. My mom wouldn’t receive her pension until December because of some fucking glitches of the Philippine Social Security System. No, it’s because of some fucking bitches who stupidly encoded some out-of-this-world information on my mother’s records.
And I was left with no option but to give my savings so the family can survive even just this month.
Gee. I wish I could just express how difficult it is for me. It’s like giving up a dream. The only difference is, I’M NOT GIVING UP.
Yeah, it doesn’t end there. I’m finding ways. I’m finding opportunities. If this means sleepless nights, tired body, I won’t care. Just as long as I get to see Super Junior once again.
I made a decision. I will apply for a part time job. I will continue working as a web content writer from 7:3o a.m. until 4:30 p.m., and then I’ll run to the next job for a 6:00 – 11:00 p.m. work. I could also find other freelance jobs.
Well, I wish I really could.
Fuck. I wonder why life has to be so cruel to me. I wonder why I had to go through all these sufferings. This morning, I ended up fighting with my mom and dad over these petty things, and I’m really sorry. I am really sorry for taking things that far.
Nevertheless, I’m pushing through with this. I’m applying for a second job, and I wish I’ll get in. Or else, I’m dead. REALLY DEAD.

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