Sunday, October 10, 2010

Define Amazing? XCREW.

Okay so this post was supposed to be written ages ago but as a lazy, stupid brat that I am, it stayed on the drafts. Now that I finally get the time and courage to publish this, I’m asking you to just please bear with the incoherence and randomness of this write-up.
Familiar with the group on the picture? Yeah. They’re the oh-so-awesome XCREW who made me lose my voice during the 19th Filipino-Korean Cultural Festival.
Who are they? Well, they’re a group of cosplayers who imitates Super Junior. YEAH. SUPER JUNIOR. :) Asking why I’m so into them?
Nah, seriously, in my whole life as an ELF, I have never seen a group so great as them. Sure thing, I have met a lot of people who are performing SJ’s dances but this group? This group is different. It made me feel like they’re with the boys when the choreo was being taught and, ugh. Sorry, i’m losing words here.
What I just want to say is that I am just so proud of this group. As a PhELF, I can’t help but take pride that these are Filipinos who managed to prove the Sapphire Blue World that we have the best things for this fandom.
When they were called, the whole Film Center went hysterical. I was at the frontmost area (just in front of the stage) and I saw how the Korean organizers got amazed with the crowd – to think that it’s not really SJ that was on stage.
As expected, they won the contest. I could’ve gone berserk if they didn’t, you know.^^ Then we went to see them backstage. Boy, were they sooooo nice. They let me take pictures of them and I wish it wouldn’t be too much that I post their picture here. ^^
XCrew, thanks for existing. ^^ Allow me to stalk you, okay? ^^

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