Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kim Hee Chul: The Universal Star

I have known Kim Heechul for years already but I must admit that everytime he does something, it still feels like the first time he caught my attention – fresh, witty, exceptional. I think I never get used to it. Everything about Kim Heechul will always be something new to me, even with the fact that he actually does nothing new.
Because he’s just being himself.
Recently, he has taken over Twitter. I was talking to some friends when all of a sudden and out of nowhere, the name KIM HEE CHUL appeared on the Worldwide Trending Topics. ON TOP 1. I thought it was some sort of a glitch only but hell no. It continued to trend for days, until now this very moment that I’m writing it.
Awesome? Yeah. More awesome when I realized that the reason why is because he tweeted pictures of fellow artists which he drew in an iPhone application. Geez. How a simple uploading of images managed to bring that glory to us all, ELF, I guess I will never know.
His wit, his randomness, his exceptionality – these are just some few things why I so love this man. He does things his way which makes me adore him more. You see, Korean superstars are always the center of attention and criticisms. But this guy, despite being in the spotlight, doesn’t fear. He will do what he wants to do. He will say what he wants to say.


Obviously, I can’t help but take pride. Indeed, the Petal/Undead in me is rejoicing. He never fails his fans. He meet all expectations and actually surpass it. It is what happens to me everytime. One word, one tweet – everything lightens up.
True. Kim Heechul is a star in this universe. Just looking at him makes me feel relaxed, makes me feel proud; that in the middle of nothingness, there is light. He gives me hope and lessons in life; and makes me realize that life can never be too difficult. All I just have to do is to enjoy. After all, doing what I want will surely bring me to where I want to be.
Once again, he managed to teach me one lesson by example. One thing he might never be able to know. Something a Justin Bieber can never do. ^^
Thank you Kim Heechul for never failing me. Never change.

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