Sunday, October 17, 2010

I’ll Do It.

Just tonight, I was talking with an unnie about her SS2 experiences. She was actually one of the few who got to stalk Super Junior when they first went to Manila. She was at the airport, at the hotel when they checked in, outside Araneta during the rehearsals, at the presscon, and at the hotel again when the boys checked out. She got to see the boys the way we, other fans, weren’t able to.
Lucky? More than that. PERSISTENT.
I admire her. I honestly admire her. She might not believe me if I tell her this personally but yeah, I admire her. You see, I thought of doing what she did too, before. But I didn’t. Financial matters. But I know I could have done it. However, for some, awkward reasons, I didn’t.
But she did.
The determination, the passion – I see in her the true essence of being an ELF. It’s like she made true whatever I want to do. It was her who actually made me realize more how great it is to be part of the wonderful Sapphire Blue World.
Now that SS3 Manila is fast approaching, I am telling myself and I swear that whatever I failed to do before, I’ll do this time.
Even though it means taking a one-week leave from work, stalking the boys, enjoying and falling in love more with the boys.
And I hope it’s just okay for that unnie that I do that with her. :)
Others may think that this is crazy because I will just definitely exhaust myself. But you guys know what? Super Junior has been travelling to different countries almost everyday of their lives. Do we hear anything from them? They sacrifice, they get tired, they get exhausted. Do they say anything bad?
No. Because they love us.
That’s why I’ll share with their sacrifices. With the unnie I’ve been looking up to. And I’m sure it’s gonna be one hell of an experience – a wonderful, unforgettable experience. After all, there’s nothing to lose.
And then I will go home saying and feeling contented that at least, I did it.

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