Thursday, June 23, 2011

22 years.. and Counting.

So, yes. It’s the 23rd of June and it’s my birthday today.
Nothing was planned, but it seemed like everything went out of control starting when I woke up this morning. I was granted a leave even though I’m still on probation on work but damn, I wasn’t able to enjoy my day off. Misfortunes overwhelmed me and the indifference and harshness of the freaking weather have gotten me almost insane.
I lost hope on this supposedly special day that I started blaming everything around me – even my parents – for trying to make this day extra ordinary. I was caught in the rain, I was forced to walk on flood, I was made to believe that there would be miracles today. But yeah, there was none.
But as the day ends, I bumped into a realization that being able to wake up this morning is indeed enough to be thankful. Although everything went out of control, it just proves that I am still alive and capable of feeling emotions.
Honestly, I blame Smart Bro, my former service provider, for ruining my day. I spent the day watching Death Note movies and hopelessly waiting for my internet connection to come so I got fed up and I ran out of patience. Thank God that Sun Broadband saved me.
Then I logged on.
And my life became complete.
It’s not the internet addiction which completed me, actually. It’s the fact that my day would not be complete without the birthday greetings I know I’ll receive from friends. I am such a hypocrite if I will say that I am contented with my family, because though they have greeted me already, I know I need to see others’ too.
Then when I opened Facebook, I realized that I am really lucky. I was greeted by friends, and a dream came true. (MY FRIEND GREETED ME, AND I THOUGHT SHE WAS MAD!)
Now, I offer a little prayer to God thanking Him for this day. I knew I was wrong to completely turn my back on appreciating this event and was so mistaken to really blame people for my own misfortunes.
I can never say enough. My mind’s so incoherent.
Just thank you… Thank you.

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