Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Immortal Yesung

I have to admit something. This is the first time that I really gave attention to Jongwoon’s performance on Immortal Song. I depended on updates about it and never really cared to watch any episode.
But you know what? I regretted that. Because it feels like I have found a part of my lost self when I watched the most recent episode of Immortal Song.
With his piece, The More I Love, I tell you this: He is awesome. He is immortal. He is perfect in his own ways.
Seeing and hearing the Kim Jongwoon that I loved come up with such a powerful performance gave me goosebumps. Believe me, even if I am not an ELF right now, I would surely generate the same reaction because what he did there on stage was completely incomparable.
The moment he stepped on the stage with that all-black suit, I knew it will be something that will further make me proud of this man. And as he belted out the final tune and the drummer hit the cymbals as finale, I knew I was right.
The immortal Kim Jongwoon… He was really born to do this. His existence is for this. It is written in his destiny to completely awe his audience with his powerful voice and striking charisma when on stage. His stares are so melting and this truth further emphasizes his prowess.
(And I’ve got to thank the genius cameraman who genuinely knows which is the best camera technique and angle; and which is best transition technique to use for this song. It seriously added up to the awesomeness of this performance and Jongwoon’s immortality.)
I have said that he went off-key. Well, he really did. But then, here’s Yesung’s magic: The mistake suddenly became negligible as I get more and more immersed on the song. Undeniably, this is one of Jongwoon’s most beautiful and most powerful performances; and I am sure everybody will agree on it.
But really, no matter how beautiful the performance is, I can’t help but get distracted on how pale Jongwoon is!!!!! Well, it must be really so nerve-cracking to sing a piece on a contest in which the original singer is a judge.(If I’m not mistaken, it’s a Kim Tae Won song.) But damn, his lips are almost white. I know SJ boys love challenging themselves with things like this, but SM, I think it’s really better to take him out of there..

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