Monday, June 27, 2011

I Don’t Like Popularity.

I don’t like popularity.
Though it doesn’t show, I really don’t like fame. I am contented with doing things on secret, and then see how it benefit others later on. As much as I can, I don’t like putting watermarks on my creations; and though I am a writer, I don’t really care much about copyrights, otherwise extremely needed.
Because truth is, I don’t want to look boastful. I am afraid that I might overdo things and eventually turn into a lowly git who cares about nothing but attention. That may happen because I tend to get overwhelmed easily. And it’s a sad truth and confession.
What I have achieved and what I have become now is enough for me to continue staying here. I have done things already – and continue to do more things in the future – and it is sufficient to please myself.
Yes, it’s myself which I satisfy that is why I don’t like popularity. After all, if I do things for myself, even a move in the quiet is enough to satisfy. I do not need to worry about pleasing people. I do not get boxed in a certain stereotypical responsibility of being someone else I’m not for the people who ‘believe’ in me.
Indeed, being popular might compress my world. If I desire to be popular and then later on get such fame, all eyes will be on me. My every move will be watched, noticed, and criticized. My boundaries will adjust on my disadvantage. And boy, I hate that.
Plus, if I’ll befriend fame, I might just cause envy. And I don’t want anyone suffer such poisonous intoxication.
So really, I don’t like popularity.

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