Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leeteuk’s Birthday Project UPDATE – THANK YOU!

We couldn’t contain the joy. Together with the other fanbases (spearheaded by WingsforLeeteuk), we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who donated and helped in anyway for the success of the Birthday Project for Leeteuk. Those who bought the badges from all over the world, we are very much thankful. ^^
The chosen charity was the, a UK-based organization which helps kids with cancer. A total of  $2,713.50 SGD was collected and donated through PayPal. ^^ A certificate will be sent to Ash, a friend through WingsforLeeteuk, and she will be handling it personally to Teuk on July~

Here is the breakdown of the money:
Direct From Paypal:
Chiarra 10EUR
FrenchELFs (clean profit of badges order) EUR 29.4
mika ijima 2561 JPY
AUD8 (8 USD)
Hanne Peeters 20 USD
Venice Franco 5 USD
WithJungsoo 42USD
teukwingsMS 1500JPY
Per Country Representative:
Indonesia: $490 USD
Philippine: 8000 PHP
Vietnam: 100 USD
Thailand: 4300Baht
Singapore: 162.5 SGD
Australia: 443USD
Japan: 500 USD
Malaysia: 120RM
All the donation above is collected in one paypal account with Singapore Dollars as the default currency
This is preview of the certificate that will be given to Leeteuk:
front page of the certificatefront page
reverse page of the certificatereverse page of the certificate

WorldChildCancer, an England-based organisation, is currently implementing a project to help children with cancers in six different developing countries; and in partnership with ICCCPO, International Society of Paediatric Oncology, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
The certificate itself is officially signed and will be sent directly by WorldChildCancer on 27th July 2011 to our dear friend, Ashley (AshKooKoo) who will help us to hand in the certificate to Leeteuk. We will update you with the real certificate photos as it reach Ashley.
we would like to thank all of the donators and goodies buyers for helping us out with this project. Its you guys who made this donation possible~! also thanks all Teuk-biased fanbases that joined in this lovely project, to other fanbases that helped us out with this project, to country representatives and to all the people involved. Finally, a huge thanks to WorldChildCancer for their awesome cooperation! We are extremely grateful towards all of you ~!
This project is a joined project of:
WingsForLeeteuk (
JungsooAddicts ( )
LeaderTeukFacts (
TeukAngelsPH (
TeukieVN (
WeLoveLeeteuk (
WithJungsoo (
LeeteukPH (
with the help of:
FrenchELFs (
Japanese ELF
We know that this donation isn’t grandeur nor big nor extravagant.  We lack in so many possible ways. therefore we are deeply sorry for any mishaps.
See you on the next project~! hope you all will also support the future projects~!

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