Friday, June 3, 2011

Too Early to Say, But Still…

Five days. It has been Five days since I started working officially for a travel agency in Singapore. I work at the comfort of my home so I’m practically just enjoying researching and writing about the different tourist spots in the different parts of the world.
And I mean it, I am enjoying.
This does not happen much so I am cherishing everything I write. Though I often come up with what I think is just a good article, I am still proud of it. Because even though I use repetitive adjectives and I recycle just the same ideas for different write-ups, I am productive.
That’s what matters most to me. Since I love what I am doing and I am interested with what I am writing about, I become productive. Despite overwhelming procrastination and laziness, I still can finish numbers of articles in a time I had never imagined when I was still working for other companies and clients before.
Indeed, miracles happen when you least expect it. I feel really thankful to Jeff – a colleague who referred me to my present company – and of course, to God Almighty for finally bringing me here. I am just wishing for another miracle, though: I hope my internet connection would stop ruining my momentum each time and just get along well with me.

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