Saturday, June 25, 2011

Loving Super Junior Is…

Loving Super Junior is hard. Very hard. Every ELF knows that. It’s really not an easy thing loving these 15 boys and supporting them all the way…
Loving Super Junior is time consuming. The endless nights we watch their perfs online. The shows we need to catch up on and the music videos we need to watch so the view counts increase because we know Suju depends on us ELFs for this to happen…
Loving Super Junior leaves us broke. That need to save up on our allowance to buy their album. To help them win album awards and the need to watch their Super Shows would leave us staying at home rather than go to the movies with friends. It would leave us with growling stomachs at school for every penny needs to go out to them…
Loving Super Junior means to bear others criticisms and harsh judgements. The words “gay” and “ew” will be sometimes thrown in a conversation whenever they would know how much you’re a fan of SJ. They will never understand your need to talk about them and they’ll laugh at you for even liking them in the first place…
Loving Super Junior sometimes means to endure getting reprimanded by your parents. They would stop you from buying those albums or go to that Super Show you’ve been saving so hard because for them, it’s a waste of money…
Loving Super Junior hurts. Because whenever you see them in an accident or when you hear they didn’t win any award, you get this aching pain in your chest seeing their faces all down. And what’s worse is when you see them smiling when you as an ELF know full well how much they’re just hiding all that pain inside…
Loving Super Junior means sometimes getting into fights. Especially when others insult them because that is what you’ve promised SJ. To protect them no matter what others say. It’s not a good thing when you answer back to them and to antis especially when Heenim says not to do it but what can you do? It is in your nature to protect them.
Loving Super Junior means believing in them even if they left you. How you’re wishing so much for that person in the military to come back soon. How you wish for Snow White to just drop whatever he’s doing and come back and how that certain Chinaman should just forget about his pride and return to his brothers.
Loving Super Junior is hard. 
But at the end of the day, you find that feeling all these things are all worth it.
Because loving Super Junior makes us happy. The effect of their songs, music videos and shows after watching them for the whole night, lacking lots of sleep, can turn us into a ball of sunshine that nobody can extinguish.
Loving Super Junior may leave us broke but this is what love is. Supporting them through every album and every show and you know that it will stay as one of your prized possession and a memory that you’ll cherish forever.
Loving Super Junior makes you stronger. Even if all those criticisms were thrown in your way, you’ll know what matters is what YOU think of them and that THEY will never understand because they’re just scared to be proven wrong.
Loving Super Junior makes you proud of them even more. The hurt they go through and their willingness to stand up and smile will leave you proud of how strong all your oppas are and how you want to be just like them too.
Loving Super Junior gave you a new family. ELFs. One that even antis can’t stand up against. So when antis suddenly attack, you know you’ve got ELFs to back you up.
Loving Super Junior means having hope. That they’ll be united again once more. And even if that seems like a very thin string to hold on to, where it seems like it’s going to slip away from your hands any moment, you’ll know that you’re not the only one holding on to it and that thousands of ELFs’ hands are grasping at that string as well. Not only them but Super Junior’s hands are holding on too.
It is indeed a very difficult thing to do. To love Super Junior. But that is why we are called ELFs. Because we’re the only ones who can love Super Junior eternally. To love them without any questions asked. To believe in them when no one else does.
So if you’re an ELF, be proud of loving Super Junior. Don’t hide it. Because Super Junior loves ELFs too.And they’ll never let each one of us go. :)
- ELFquotes
I just thought I should share this here. It’s a very beautiful read and it touched my heart. I wish that through this essay, more and more ELFs (especially the new one) will understand what they signed up here for. After all – and like what I’ve always been saying, being an ELF constitute a lot of responsibilities. It is more than just admiring Super Junior. 
To the one who came up with this one, THANK YOU.

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