Monday, June 27, 2011


Heechul: Our Jungsoo ah, even though we’re both the older members in SJ, I didn’t really do anything. I’m so sorry I troubled you all these while…
Leeteuk: It’s okay if you’re not exceptionally nice to me, it’s enough if you just stay by my side forever.he love.
Heechul: Jungsoo is tired because he has to take care of 12 members. Man, you can’t cry by yourself. When you’re tired, learn to lean on us, okay? Because you’re the leader you have a lot of courage, but regarding age? We’re the same ago ok! Being the same age, I want to tell you something: If you’re tired, come find me, I’ll always welcome you.
I don’t know if you would agree but I have to say that the connection between the 83-line is immeasurable. Though complete opposites, Jungsoo and Heechul will forever be the best epitome of brotherhood love and camaraderie. Though their personalities are entirely different, they still fit together so well.
Like the Yin and the Yang, together they create a powerful impression for the group called Super Junior. Though they don’t always show, these two has a strong kind of bond which not even Hangeng or Kangin can intrude.
And for the second time, I want to thank Kim Heechul for being so considerate, loving and concerned towards his only hyung. Thank you for giving him strength when we know we couldn’t. Thank you for believing in his leadership. Thank you for respecting and supporting his decisions. Thank you for opening your life to him. Thank you for looking up to the leader who you know will lay his life on the line for each one of you.
Thank you, Kim Heechul for being Jungsoo’s pillar whenever he feels like giving up. Thank you, Kim Heechul, for all the love.

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