Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Early Plans and Expectations. Random Realization.

I was literally banging my head on the wall last night because I was trying to come up with a good project for the 6th anniversary of Super Junior on November. Well, I know it’s really funny considering that June is just ending but if I want to come up with a project which could continue the success of the previous one, I have to plan early.
Truth is: I want to handle a big project. But I’m torn between doing it in the open and holding it in secret. Well, I do want the plans to be known but a part of me fears that others will tag me as someone who did it for popularity.
Hmm… whatever. At least, I know have ideas. Having none makes me crazy.
I wonder what Super Junior thinks of about their fans – the real thing. I wonder what runs on their minds when their fans perform charitable activities under their name.
Just a random thought this is. I just imagine them, though, crying tears of joy and patting each other on the back. Not because they have been given additional points for a positive reputation but because they are so happy to see what their fans have become for and because of them.
Got the idea?

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