Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blue Means Loyalty.

When I think of all the possibilities, I fear the future. Who knows what could happen? After a few months, a few years… Nothing is certain. Nothing could ever be sure.
I guess that is why God gave us the ability to hope and to believe that things will happen the way we want it to be. He’s a wise God and He does not give anything for nothing.
I would like to share to you my current thoughts: If we are focused on the way we look at things and we believe that it’s gonna happen, it willThoughts are magnets to reality. What you believe is what you get. That’s how simple life is, only we don’t fully understand.
Because we look for a much more complicated way. Since we see life as a complex process, we tend to think that everything’s as complex as it. Geez. I’m not coming clean, I am often that way. But at least, join me in this change.
Everyone, we always say we 13elieve. As ELF, it has been a common motto among all of us. But I fear like not everyone understands what it means. We promise to 13elieve, but to some people, why are there doubts?
I fear the possibilities of losing Geng, Kibum and Kangin. I’m a paranoia-infested individual and it’s difficult for me to look at things brightly.
But I have chosen to 13elieve.
Because as I have implied, if my heart fully believes that I’m gonna see all thirteen of them again on one stage, I know it will happen. In an unknown time, in an unknown circumstance, in an unknown surprise.
And just like how the old saying goes, everything’s just in the state of mind. The world fills our brains with so many ideas, and it’s up to us on which to believe.
Good luck on whatever you would choose to hope for.

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