Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello, this is Super Junior’s Leeteuk.
Last year, we met everyone with sorry sorry
It’s been a year, a new 2010 is here
This time bringing a new 4jib to meet everyone again
Hmm.. compared to sorry sorry
I think this time it’ll be cooler and we’ll present a more perfect performance
after the song is released
hope it will receive lots of love from everybody
and thank you again to our fans E.L.F. and everyone who have always supported us
We will work hard together with E.L.F. to make this year super junior’s year
We’ll work together right?
Thank you everyone
We are Super Juni-or ae yo!
I believe this was just released a while ago. And I thank cleaver487 for translating it at once.
I should have been sleeping right now. But really, I’m crying. Maybe it’s the music? Maybe it’s because it’s Teukkie who’s speaking?
Or maybe it’s the fact that finally, they’re coming back.
Unlike other artists who spend months of preparation before their comeback, SJ only had a month and three days to ‘rest’ from the limelight.
On May 13, they’re coming back. With a brand new set of songs. With a better and greater concept.
God knows how excited I am for this.
Teukkie-oppa… I know right. Your voice calmed my troubling heart. You’re really an angel sent from up above.
2010 is our year. It’s definitely gonna be ours.

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