Saturday, May 1, 2010

This is What Really Happened.

This is the full fancam of what happened during the Condom Collecting scene in SS2 Manila. LOLOLOL. I can’t stop laughing. I can’t forget how Teuk and Min were that night. :))
So for those who don’t get it, yeah, this happened during the Pajama Party performance where fans get to throw gifts to the boys on stage. They were just running around while singing so it’s quite difficult for fans to make their gifts get noticed. :)
But one or two persons in our area managed to get it through all the rest. :) They threw condoms and then Sungmin noticed it. LOL at how he stopped and looked at the items on stage. When he knew what that was, he called Teukkie and pointed the condoms. ^^
Then Teuk suddenly knelt to collect the condoms. OMG. hahaha :) Sungmin was just standing laughing. I can’t contain the laughter then too. haha :D And then, Teuk opened one and threw it to the fans. LOLOL. Now that was epic. I remembered, he even saw a pack of Dried Mango but then he threw it too.
Teuk was really excited. hahaha! It was obvious. He was crawling on the stage! hahaha! It was a very beautiful and heavenly sight to see. LOL.
The pink bag he picked was where he put the collected condoms. hahaha. I honestly didn’t see where he put it afterwards but I’m sure he took it with him. I was laughing so hard when he suddenly gave a box of briefs to Sungmin who even fell to his knees laughing. That’s when I saw rolled red thongs being thrown too. Minnie picked one and then he continued laughing so hard.
And then, towards the end of the song, Hyukkie was heading to the his hyungs’ direction when Sungmin pointed the rolled thong to the clueless Hyuk. And then, when he picked up the thong and unrolled it, he suddenly dropped it and Sungmin left laughing in mischief. hahaah
The ‘pervert-ness’ of Teuk, the mischief of Minnie, and the innocence of Hyuk. They are priceless. And I wish I get to see those again LIVE. :)

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