Sunday, May 16, 2010

Transformation Completed.


After a year and almost two months of waiting, the boys are back; with all the transformations we have all been anticipating from the very beginning.
The boys started teasing us on their sites after the Super Show 2, and remembering the Mirotic concept of DBSK then, I am sure that the 4jib is one hell of a sexy experience.
The teaser caught me hanging. The boys were really different. Of course, the angel made me catch my breath that fateful day in the office. I even ended up biting my finger so that I wouldn’t squeal in front of my officemates. ^_^
The concept was sexy. It was worth waiting for.
They are more mature than ever. And they’re getting me pregnant.
I don’t want to talk about them, being just ten, here. Teuk had spoken and whatever he say, I will 13elieve.
I can’t really explain how it is, even up to this very moment. I feel like everything’s surreal. Teuk is showing off his body, and I’m liking it. The others are constantly teasing us with their continuous chest exposure. OMG. I suddenly remembered Wook.
I just thought, they’re no longer those boys who give free hugs. That’s where I first saw and loved them. They’re much sexier than the Don’t Don days. The Sorry, Sorry concept is comparable to this.
The Bonamana era has started.
Prepare yourselves.
*I could’ve given a better review. A full review. Everything is outlined in my mind before I started writing on this. But when I inserted the picture on this entry, I went blank. (“-_-)*

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