Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Until Sapphire Blue Covers the Entire Planet…

“Until Sapphire Blue covers the entire planet, Super Junior will continue to perform”
Sometimes, we have to thank the anti-fans for not supporting the boys. Sometimes, their continuous ranting over Super Junior’s existence gives us more assurance that Super Junior will be with us, forever.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not encouraging anti-fans.
I know some wouldn’t understand but Teuk’s statement is kinda bothering me. Not because I don’t believe, but because of the word ‘UNTIL‘.
After the whole world is covered with Sapphire Blue, what will happen?
Come on guys, don’t bash me here. I’m just trying to decipher every word Teuk say. Because not all can understand.
Now, let’s make it clear. And let’s make things realistic. We cannot make everybody love Super Junior. Personally, I encounter a lot of people who would negatively talk about the boys. It flares me up, but what can I do? It’s their opinions and interests. I cannot contest to that.
Maybe Teuk knows this. He knows that nobody is perfect enough. He knows that anti-fans are inevitable parts of their lives as idol stars. He knows that he cannot make everybody love them.
He knows that we, ELFs, are intelligent enough to read between the lines of his words.
Nothing’s certain after the Sapphire Blue covers the world. But they will be performing for us. And since it is not certain that Sapphire Blue will cover the world, then we have a whole lifetime to spend with the boys.
I know you get what I’m saying. ♥

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