Saturday, May 22, 2010

Why So Soon?

I am caught off guard. Why so soon, Kangin?
I guess I’ll never be prepared for this. Maybe right, whether you enter the military on July or October, it doesn’t make any difference.
It’s still gonna be two years without you.
It’s not easy letting you go. Though it is just temporary, I don’t think I really can manage without missing you a lot. You’ve been away from us for almost a year now and I have to admit that I miss you a lot.
I miss you so much, that it hurts.
But as that is your choice (and I hope it really is yours), I will support you my dear KangKing. I know that after serving the military and fulfilling your duties as a Korean man, everything will be fine.
And we’re gonna wait for you. We’re gonna make sure that once you finished the service, nobody can hurt you anymore.
We will wait for you, and when you come back, we’ll be covering the whole world with Sapphire Blue again~~~

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